I have over 20 years of experience moving individuals, teams, and large groups of senior executives from challenges to results. “You helped me so much” was one Director’s comment after a 30-minute consultation with me during which I asked only two critical questions.

I was one of a select group of facilitators at CIBC’s Leadership Centre for 5 years, leading teams through an intensive one-week program on values, mind sets, organizational change and team development.

We used ‘Open Space’, ‘Action Learning’ and the ‘Profilor 360-feedback tool’ to foster empowerment and excellent leaders.

Following my keynote on Risk and Innovation, we were able to surface the key challenges toward achieving real change and improvements.

“You skillfully facilitated the session and pushed us through the finish line…to help us improve as a management team and a company.”

Tom MacMillan, CEO, CIBC Mellon