Good Health is a Choice

We’ve all been there, done that. We’ve eaten too much, or just too much of the wrong stuff (chips? chocolate? both?), drank too much (beer? wine? pop?) or made other bad choices. If you’re like me, you may do a lot of unconscious eating. The package of cookies (don’t buy it) is on the counter (at least put it away) and taking just 2 (which can become 4 in no time) happens like a mini-miracle, all by itself. But it’s not just about eating, or drinking, it’s also about driving more than walking, sitting more than standing, lounging more than stretching. Let’s face it, just about anything that’s fun can be exactly what packs on the pounds or the cholesterol in our blood or whatever doesn’t serve us well. The good news is that it doesn’t take all that much to undo the damage and make the choice to better health. However, it IS a choice.

Feeling bloated and fatter than you want to be? We know what to do—smaller portion sizes, more fruits and vegetables, fiber galore and lots and lots of water. Easy. It just takes being conscious about what’s going in our body. “A moment on the lips spends a month on the hips.” is a phrase that I heard one man tell another at a conference sweets table. That surprised me because up until then I hadn’t realized that it’s as difficult for a man to resist his sweet tooth as it is for a woman.

Feeling sluggish? Stand more, walk more, shake it up a bit. Put on your favourite tunes and pretend you’re Beyonce or Usher. Just shake your booty, as they say. Dance as if no one is watching and likely no one is or no one cares. A partner or kids? They’d probably love to see you having a good time. Maybe join in. Go for a walk. You don’t need to train for the next marathon—just move.

Feeling stressed? There’s a lot to be stressed about. Most people feel job pressure, or pressure of a possible job loss. There may be an unreasonable boss with unreasonable demands. A highway commute? That’s super stressful for most. Many people are dealing with aging parents or unruly teenagers or little ones ready to go exploring off the table or onto the table, depending on their age. Get outside. Look around. Smell the daisies or, in the winter, go window gazing. Near sunset you might see the neighbour’s new cat at the window. Call a friend, get a massage, go look at the funny birthday cards in a store. You’ll laugh for sure, and before you know it, you’ve chosen good health and a good mood for yourself. Eat an apple and you’re really on your way.

c. revanelson

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