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Memoir Writing

Is there a part of your life you would like to capture? Would you like to share some of your own history?

You don’t need to be good writer to enjoy the experience of writing. Sometimes it’s simply deciding to make the time and space in your life to secure your memories.

My recent book, ‘Hippie Chick Abroad’ is the very exciting and truthful memoir of me backpacking through Europe as a young woman in the last year of the Sixties. My experiences writing this book will help you in putting your memories onto the page.

Book Concepts

Do you have a book you want to write? If you are trying to get started and shape your ideas into reality, then I can help you get started and stick with it to completion.

I am the successful author and publisher of these best sellers:

Risk It! How to Overcome Fear and Make Smart Changes (1992)

Bounce Back! Creating Resilience from Adversity (1998)


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For over 20 years I was a successful workshop leader and keynote speaker for major corporations including IBM, CIBC and CIBC Mellon. I can help you write, speak well and deliver your workshop or speech with sincerity.

Improve your skills and confidence to expand your business.

Obituaries and Eulogies

It’s final. How do you represent the person you loved when you may be confused and grief-stricken? I will help you, with compassion and understanding.